Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS): Case Study

Azure Kubernetes Service

What is Azure?

What is Kubernetes?

What is Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)?

Basics of Azure Kubernetes Services:

Working of AKS

Case Studies of few companies


When we started our journey on Azure, we were a really small team — just one or two developers. Our partnership with Microsoft, the support from their advisory teams, the great AKS documentation and enterprise expertise — it all helped us very much to succeed.

-Bernhard Rode: software engineer Bosch


“ Our platform intersects a great deal of data and technology, yet our complete integration with Azure streamlines our infrastructure, simplifies our processes and makes our lives infinitely easier. ”

— Felix Grevy: Global Head of Product Management


We wanted a platform to speed development and testing but do it safely, without losing control over security and performance. That’s why Azure and AKS are the perfect fit for us.

- Ståle Heitmann: Chief Technology Officer

- Hafslund Nett

Wind River

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