Create AWS EC2 Instance(Linux)

Vinodha kumara
4 min readJan 25, 2021

In this blog we are going to create an EC2 instance actually we can manage AWS using API and CLI in this I'm going to show both ways. Let’s dev into practical first, we are going to create EC2 using AWS API

STEP 1: Go to AWS Create Account if not exists, then login with your mail id and password.

Login to AWS with email and password

STEP 2: Search EC2 and click on EC2

Search EC2

STEP 3: Click Launch Instance

Click on Launch Instance

STEP 4: Select Image for Instance here I’m selecting Linux Amazone Image

Select Image

STEP 5: Sele t Instance Type and go to next step

Select Instance Type

STEP 6: Keep the default and move to the next.

Configure Instance

STEP 7: Keep default if need extra storage we can add by clicking on add new Volume

Add Volume

STEP 8: Configure Security Group here I’m allowing to connect everyone through SSH even we can add as many Security Rules

Add Rule

STEP 9: Launch Instance

Launch Instance

STEP 10: Select Create a new Keypair and give password and create Key Pair

Select Create Key Pair
Give Password
Download Key Pair and Launch Instance

Now our instance is successfully launched and It’s Running

Running Instance

Now we are going to create an Instance using CLI



Install AWS CLI in your OS

Before that, we need to create an IAM user and login through CLI

Steps to create IAM

Search IAM
Click on user
Click on ADD user
Enable AccessType
Select User Type and allow all powers
Add a tag if required
Create User
IAM User is created Successfully

Create Instance using AWS CLI

Synopsis of AWS CLI

Login through IAM access Key and Secret Key give the region and format to display output

IAM Login

Now my login is successful within one line we can create an EC2 instance one-click Instance is launched

Thank you for reading :)



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