Flutter App Integration with Docker

So, let’s integrate Flutter with Docker:

#Concepts Used:

  • Basic knowledge of Dart, Flutter, OOPS.
  • Python CGI
  • Launching Apache Server
  • Creation of Docker Container inside the RedHat8.
  • Information regarding docker.

Firstly I used the concept of Python-CGI to act as the back-end server:

I have written this in python, so that the user can interact with CLI internally and fetch the output on web-page.

Now comes the most exciting part that was to create the Frontend, look and feel or the interface of the App.

Now for writing any code in dart language and finally making it executable I used the “material.dart” package so make it simpler for me do write the code. So for imprting the package I used the command : “ import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’ “; .

Uri.http("", "/cgi-bin/app1.py", {"x": cmd, "y": name});

I hope it was helpful!

Thank You



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Vinodha kumara

Vinodha kumara

ARTH-School of technology, BCA graduate