Kubernetes Integration with Python-CGI

Kubernetes Integration with Python-CGI

In this practical we are trying to interested k8s, JavaScript using Python CGI in this interrogation there are some features we can perform

  • It can launch pods with specific name given by users.
  • Run deployment using image and name given by the user.
  • Expose services on given user input port number.
  • Scale the replica according to user needs.
  • Delete complete environment created.
  • Delete specific resources given by the user.


  • Linux OS
  • Minikube installed
  • Should know basics of Kubernetes

Start mini kube setup using minikube start command

>> minikube start

Use minikube status command to check minikube status

>> minikube status

We can see that minikube is running in VM box

This is a front end code

Backend python code

Note: Give all Credential to admin.config file in local directory

UI output page here we can run any commands

This application is work properly you can execute all type kubectl command…..

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ARTH-School of technology, BCA graduate

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Vinodha kumara

Vinodha kumara

ARTH-School of technology, BCA graduate

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